Russell Westbrook: Playing alongside LeBron James will help my game

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Russell Westbrook: Playing alongside LeBron James will help my game

Los Angeles Lakers star guard Russell Westbrook claims one thing became evident to him when he and LeBron James took the court for a joint workout for the first time. "It was going to work," Westbrook told ESPN on Tuesday during the Lakers' annual media day, held at the team practice facility.

James, 36, is a four-time NBA champion, while 32-year-old Westbrook is seeking his first NBA championship. "LeBron out of anybody else, he knows what it takes to win a championship," Westbrook told ESPN. "My understanding of the commitment, understanding the sacrifices that we are both going to have to make, including myself and [Anthony Davis] as well for the betterment on the team, and finding ways to be able to win a championship.

And that's the ultimate goal. So anything along the way ... we cannot get distracted, cannot get deterred from our ultimate goal."

Westbrook thinks James could help him get better

Westbrook absolutely believes that he can benefit from playing James as he is determined to achieve a great success with his new teammate.

"When you get a chance to play against one of the greatest players of all time and consistently, it helps my game," Westbrook said. "It helps my preparation, makes me focus more on the things I need to focus on to get to a point where I can sit down and say, 'I've accomplished everything I can accomplish in this league and now I'm lucky enough to be able to play alongside him.'

So I'm looking forward to that, looking forward to the things we can accomplish here together this season." James is also excited about what Westbrook brings to the table. "Right away, he ups our pace right away," James told ESPN.

"He's always in the top five as far as pace, whatever team that he is with. So being able to get out and being able to get out on the break and be able to try to get some early buckets before the defense is set -- that creates that.

But also he's just a flat-out playmaker. I think what a lot of people don't talk about in his game is how unbelievable of a passer he is. Everyone sees the rebounds, everyone sees the scoring and things of that nature, but his passing, his ability to make guys around him better, that does not get talked about a lot. We all look forward to that, being his teammate."