LeBron James explains his decision to get vaccinated

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LeBron James explains his decision to get vaccinated

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James revealed he initially felt skepticism regarding the COVID-19 vaccine but ultimately decided to take the jab for the well-being of himself, his family and his team. James, one of the greatest players in NBA history, is determined to win a fifth NBA championship this season and he believes that taking the vaccine will help his health since that comes at No.

1. "You're always trying to figure out ways that you can just be available and protect one another and put yourself in the best possible chance where you are available to your teammates, available to what we need to do on the floor," James said Tuesday as the Lakers hosted media day at their practice facility.

"The ultimate goal is to obviously win a championship. And it starts with, obviously, health as the No. 1 thing. We're excited to know that we've given ourselves another opportunity to be available to each other, and that's what it came down to."

James and his teammates vaccinated

The Lakers are expected to be fully vaccinated by the opening night and that could be a competitive advantage over some teams in the NBA. "It's huge," Lakers head coach Frank Vogel said as the Lakers welcomed reporters into their building for the first time in nearly 18 months because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Obviously you want to be able to not be compromised in any way with an extended absence or quarantines or exposure to quarantines. They were costly last year to our group. Not every team in the league this year has that luxury, but we do.

"We feel like there were a lot of conversations and education to get that done along the way and I'm super proud of our guys for making that commitment and hopefully we don't have some of those disruptions like we did last year."

James, 36, is still playing at an extremely high level and this summer he slimmed up. "I think the thing that stands out is just his fitness level," Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka said of James, per ESPN. "He's slimmed up.

And we all know LeBron studies the greats, and he adds things into his game, and I think going into this stage of his career, he's made a decision to come back a little bit leaner, and I think that's going to translate in his explosiveness and quickness."