Raptors' OG Anunoby was confident his three-pointer for the win would go in

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Raptors' OG Anunoby was confident his three-pointer for the win would go in

Toronto Raptors forward OG Anunoby was confident his three-pointer would go in and that's the season he didn't celebrate his game-winner right away. The Raptors were down 103-101 and facing a 3-0 deficit but then Anunoby hit a three-pointer with 0.5 left on the clock to help the Raptors claim a 104-103 win and get back into the series.

"I don't shoot trying to miss," Anunoby said after the game," per ESPN. Celtics center Daniel Theis dunked the ball to give the Celtics 103-101 lead with less than one second to go but the Raptors stayed confident.

"No one was rattled after [Theis' dunk]," Anunoby said. "Everyone stayed confident about the next play. Let's focus on running this play and getting a good shot off. We were confident in anyone that took the shot that [they] could make it.

This group is resilient. Just a next-play mentality."

The play wasn't originally designed for Anunoby

The plan was to get the ball in the hands of Pascal Siakam -- but he was covered -- and Kyle Lowry made a great inbound pass to a wide-open Anunoby, who hit a dagger.

"Then you look at the clock and see how much time you got and try to run a play to get a shot up," Raptors guard Fred VanVleet said. "So it was a quick timeout. We had a quick discussion about what the play was gonna be, and we decided on one, and you go out and try to execute one.

Kyle made a heck of a read and OG made the shot. "As long as there's time on the clock, you've got to believe you can win. We've been in a lot of these situations before. We've seen it all, so there was really no panic.

It was moreso about trying to get a good look, and we were able to do that." After a dominant 4-0 win over the Brooklyn Nets, the Raptors failed to perform at a high level in the opening few games against the Celtics.

"With all due respect to Brooklyn, I don't think that got us ready to play at the level we needed to be ready for Game 1," VanVleet said. "I think the transgressions of those few days when, whether we were gonna sit or play, coupled in with laying that egg in Game 1.

It was a lot. "Then we played our butts off in Game 2 and didn't come out with a win. We expect a lot of ourselves, so to be down 0-2, I mean we knew it wasn't over, but nobody was happy. People were pissed off, the mood wasn't great.

All we needed was one to get the juice back, a little magic. You know, get the momentum going on your side. We've got to try and tie this thing up Saturday."