DeAndre Jordan: LeBron James has been a winner in the NBA for a long time

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DeAndre Jordan: LeBron James has been a winner in the NBA for a long time

Los Angeles Lakers center DeAndre Jordan is extremely excited about playing alongside LeBron James, Anthony and Russell Westbrook. This summer, the Lakers traded for Russell to form a Big 3 in Los Angeles. "Obviously, guys like LeBron [James] and Russ and AD.

Being opponents of these guys for so long, especially Russ and AD in the Western Conference and we were there for so long. Seeing those guys three, four times a year. Russ coming downhill angrily aggressive every time was very tough and now being able to be like okay now I can see what this will be like to be a teammate with this guy knowing I don’t have to contest him at the rim every night because he’s that fearsome competitor.

He keeps going," Jordan said, per Lakers Nation. Jordan acknowledged that Davis is one of the best two-way players in the NBA. "AD the same way. His skill set is so very high and he can score on the three different planes of the basketball floor and with that being able to be a great defender.

It’s great, so being able to have that next to you is awesome”.

Jordan acknowledges the greatness of James

James is a four-time NBA champion and this season he wants to claim his fifth ring. "LeBron has been a winner in this league for a long time being able to orchestrate offenses and defenses.

Being a team leader out there. Somebody who was been a leader and a winner throughout his career. It’s great and now being able to be a teammate with somebody with that high basketball I.Q. and an unselfish player like that.

I’m really excited to finally be teammates with these guys," Jordan said. Jordan and the Brooklyn Nets mutually agreed to part ways this summer. “I think it was just both parties wanted to figure out something that was best for both of us and I feel like they gave me that respect as a veteran player to be able to understand that I wanted to be able to compete,” Jordan said.

“I’m a competitor, man. We all are in this league and we want to be able to be out there and competing, but also it just worked better for both of us. I’m excited to be a part of this Laker franchise and this organization with these group of guys. I’m focused on here”.