Carmelo Anthony: I didn't expect Lakers or LeBron James to call me

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Carmelo Anthony: I didn't expect Lakers or LeBron James to call me

Carmelo Anthony admitted he didn't expect the Los Angeles Lakers to call him during the summer. Anthony, who had been linked to the Lakers numerous times throughout his career, finally signed with the Purple and Gold at the age of 37.

After spending two seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers, Anthony left Portland and joined the Lakers. “I didn’t expect it," Anthony said. "I never expected the Lakers to call. I never expected ‘Bron to call.

That was just far-fetched to me”. Anthony insisted he took his time before deciding to sign with the Lakers. The Lakers are a team stacked with talented players and they are contenders to win it all. “Winning.

Having a great chance to win," Anthony noted. "It took me some days to really sit down and break it down and really dig deep into making that decision. To most people, it probably would have been an easy decision. But for me, I really had to align a lot of things … for this to work out, for me to feel comfortable going out there and being away from fam for another year…People don’t understand that part of it.

That’s the hard part. The basketball is easy”.

Anthony sets his eyes on NBA championship

Anthony didn't retire and now he is determined to win his first NBA title this upcoming season. “If I didn’t go to the Lakers, it wasn’t something that was heavy on me.

But now that I’m with the Lakers, it’s a must-have. There’s no questions about it. We gotta get it. By any means," Anthony said. Anthony had a hard time adjusting to the bench role but now he is all good with that role.

"I’m smooth-sailing now, I can enjoy the rest of my summer, prepare for the season," Anthony said. "I don’t have that much stress that I had going into the last couple seasons of not knowing what my situation was gonna be.

So this was an easy one, we got it out the way. Ego is checked. My ego’s been checked because I understand that it’s all about having perspective on your situation. Again, most things, a lot of things in this league and in sports, it’s not in our control so we got to control what we can control and I’ve learned that over the years”.

Anthony was praised by his teammate Dwight Howard. "Well, Melo has just always been a professional,” Howard said. “He’s always worked hard, he’s always giving 110% on the court. That’s all you can ask."