DeAndre Jordan reveals reason behind Nets split

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DeAndre Jordan reveals reason behind Nets split

DeAndre Jordan thought both he and the Brookyn Nets wanted to move on and that was the reason why the split this summer. Jordan asked the Nets to move him so they traded him to the Detroit Pistons, who never had any intentions of keeping him.

After being released by the Pistons and clearing the waivers, Jordan signed with the Lakers. “I think it was just both parties wanted to figure out something that was best for both of us and I feel like they gave me that respect as a veteran player to be able to understand that I wanted to be able to compete,” Jordan said, per Lakers Nation.

“I’m a competitor, man. We all are in this league and we want to be able to be out there and competing, but also it just worked better for both of us. I’m excited to be a part of this Laker franchise and this organization with these group of guys.

I’m focused on here”.

Jordan still all good with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving

Jordan didn't win a championship with Durant and Irving but he insists he will always be close to his former Nets teammates. “We’re definitely not friends anymore (laughs),” Jordan quipped.

“No, I’m just joking. We’re friends before basketball, after basketball and I think ultimately we all just want to be happy. And being able to compete is something that is very important to me. They understand that and we’re brothers beyond basketball.

“So us being teammates or not, isn’t gonna reflect or affect our relationship. I did have a great time in Brooklyn the two years that I was there, being able to experience that culture in New York, my family being able to experience that culture in New York and being able to live in that city and play for that team was awesome.

I have a ton of memories for the two years that I was there and I won’t forget those but I’m definitely excited to start this next chapter”. Meanwhile, Lakers head coach Vogel was happy after the addition of Jordan.

“As dangerous as any team in the league. We’ve got a lot of firepower, a lot of guys really motivated to have the right skillsets to win it all, and it’s going to be about putting in the work throughout the course of the season and I think we’ve got a great chance," Vogel said.