Lakers HC Frank Vogel: We've got lot of firepower and great chance to win NBA title

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Lakers HC Frank Vogel: We've got lot of firepower and great chance to win NBA title

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel absolutely believes the Purple and Gold are a top contender for the NBA title this season. The Lakers won it all two seasons ago but last year exited the playoffs in the first round.

“As dangerous as any team in the league. We’ve got a lot of firepower, a lot of guys really motivated to have the right skillsets to win it all, and it’s going to be about putting in the work throughout the course of the season and I think we’ve got a great chance," Vogel said, per Lakers Nation.

The Lakers have a Big 3 in LeBron James, Anthony and Russell Westbrook but they also have the oldest team in NBA history. “I’m excited that teams are counting us out or betting against us. Our team is highly motivated, and we really suffered last year by not having an offseason or the proper build-up to training camp.

Obviously it resulted in a lot of injuries, and I’m excited to see what this group can do with a full training camp," Vogel added.

Lakers veterans share the same view as Vogel

Trevor Ariza, who won his first NBA title with the Lakers over a decade ago, returned to Los Angeles this summer and is now hoping to win it all with the Lakers once again.

“I believe the upside to that is we’ve all seen so much in this league that nothing surprises,” Ariza said. “We understand how long the season is. How to pace yourself, how to take care of your body.

Understanding how important it is for everybody to be on the same page to get to that ultimate goal and that’s winning the championship at the end of the year”. Rondo, who left the Lakers after winning the NBA title with them two years ago, has now returned to the Purple and Gold and he believes their experience brings a lot of wisdom needed to win an NBA title.

"Wisdom is definitely a key to winning a championship and we have a lot of that obviously with the age and experience on the court… I’m looking to the naysayers saying about our age as being a problem, but obviously, you don’t have longevity in this league with having discipline, and so many guys, I just got done talking to Trevor, he’s in for 17 [years], Dwight 18, Bron 18.

So we have the guys that have a lot of mileage, but at the same time, there’s a reason they’re still playing in this league at this level for so many years," Rondo said.