Clippers' Paul George: Kawhi Leonard is a man of business

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Clippers' Paul George: Kawhi Leonard is a man of business

Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George called Kawhi Leonard "a man of business" after the 2019 NBA Finals MVP led his team past the Dallas Mavericks in Game 6. Leonard scored 33 points, grabbed 14 rebounds and dished out seven assists to help the Clippers beat the Mavericks 111-97 and close out the series with a 4-2 win.

"I mean Kawhi's a man of business," George said, per ESPN. "He stepped up and stepped in time after time, whenever we needed him he put us on his back and he finished the series. I can't say it enough.

After this series, he's the most reliable guy. His shot-making and his time on awareness plays -- he is one of a kind." After emotional few days following the shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man shot seven times by police in Kenosha, NBA players agreed to resume the season but still with heavy hearts.

"Didn't really know what to think at that point," Leonard said in his first comments about what he said in the meeting. "Pretty much the whole league didn't want to stop playing. You know, just told them just we can't control what's going on outside.

"All we can control is what we're doing on and off the floor. Just take it one message at a time to change the racial injustice or whatever you want to do, in education or group economics. It's just up to the individual to change one mind off the floor.

You know, we just stayed steady."

George says Leonard is 'a man of few words'

"Everybody knows Kawhi is a man of few words," George said of Leonard speaking up. "But when he speaks, it's coming from a great place and he's going to get his point across.

His demeanor was felt, his presence was felt and was powerful in all our meetings." Meanwhile, Leonard admitted being in the bubble and away from his family is tough. "For sure," Leonard said. "I mean, you're not able to see family.

You're doing the same thing every day. It kind of feels like you can't get away from the game. But I've kind of been here, before going through rehab, dealing with my knee injury, it was basically going to rehab, going home.

Wasn't going outside. "Your teammates are your family, so you've just got to spend time with them, get outside with them, laugh and joke and really just don't take it so seriously. Just one day at a time."