Kyle Kuzma: I was shocked after trade to Wizards, I thought I was going to Kings

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Kyle Kuzma: I was shocked after trade to Wizards, I thought I was going to Kings

Kyle Kuzma was "shocked" after learning that he was traded to the Washington Wizards because he thought he would end up with the Sacramento Kings. Kuzma, who didn't impress last season, was expected to be traded and the Los Angeles Lakers reportedly had a deal with the Kings that would send guard Buddy Hield their way.

“I was kinda shocked because I thought I was going to Sac," Kuzma said on the “No Chill” Podcast with Gilbert Arenas. "The Sacramento deal with Buddy Hield, that shit was done. So I’m like thinking in my head like ‘Okay, well, I’m in Sac’–45-minute flight, that’s not bad, can go to Napa.

But then out of nowhere, it goes ‘you’re going to Washington. But I was super hyped, obviously, because it’s a better situation. Going to Sac would’ve been fun, I would’ve went crazy for sure. That’s how I think.

But to have the opportunity to play with Brad Beal, someone that is trying to really be a winner in this league because he’s a killer, led the league in scoring multiple years, or he was second this year. It’s just the perfect opportunity, it’s a lot of guys that have chips on their shoulders, everyone’s ready to prove something and that’s when something can be special”.

Kuzma ended up in a trade that involved Russell Westbrook

Westbrook wanted to play for the Lakers so the Lakers contacted the Wizards to try to bring the former NBA MVP to Los Angeles. In addition to Kuzma, the Lakers also sent Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Montrezl Harrell and the 22nd overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft to the Wizards.

The Lakers now have a Big 3 in Westbrook, LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Westbrook is extremely excited about the roster the Lakers have as he is hoping to win his first NBA title this season. “Yeah, man, it’s amazing,” Westbrook said.

“The roster’s great. A bunch of guys that I’ve already known previously, which is even better. And I’m more excited just to like I said before, I’m always interested in as I come into the season, always looking the roster and figuring out how I can make other guys better, and it’s as simple as that.

“I want to be able to leave an impact on people when they either play with me or come across me in a positive way. I’ll find ways to do that with that roster, but I’m looking forward to getting together with all the guys and figuring it out”.