Allen Iverson recalls getting trash-talked by Michael Jordan

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Allen Iverson recalls getting trash-talked by Michael Jordan

2001 NBA MVP Allen Iverson was absolutely star struck after meeting Michael Jordan for the first time in his career. Iverson, the top pick of the 1996 NBA draft, grew a Bulls fan -- the team which Jordan led to six NBA titles.

"First of all, I was a Bulls fan coming up because of him okay? But while he was in the league, man, I mean I hated the Bulls more than any team in that league,” Iverson recalled dyeing an interview with Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay.

"I hated the Bulls, you know what I mean? Like once I got into the league and heard the way they talk to us and everything like, they knew they was at the top of the mountain. “And man, I’ll never forget my first time.

I talked about it in my Hall of Fame speech and I wasn’t lying at all, man, he didn’t look real to me. Like I know I was star struck. I know I was star struck because, like I said, I talked about the Charlie Murphy Hollywood story and how he talked about Rick James and how Rick James walked in the room and he saw like this orange, like his aura, you know what I mean? I saw that.

“Like, I looked at that man and he didn’t look human to me, you know? I’m looking at him like, damn, he got on the you know he got on the Jordans, he don’t even have on the NBA socks, I’m looking at his his knee brace on his shin and I was like man it’s him, you know what I mean? “And my teammates, they teased me before the game because they was like, ‘you’re not going to play your game because you know Mike on the floor.

Yeah I don’t want to be out there on the floor, you’re not going to play your game tonight.’ And I was star struck, but when that ball went up and somebody hand touched it it just went away. I mean, it was show time.

Time to dance”.

Jordan trash-talked Iverson

Jordan let Iverson hear it on the court but showed his respect after the game. "Yeah, he called me a little b-tch!” Iverson recalled. “So, I had to wear it, but after that game you know after that game, we went to overtime and I had 35 that game he had 41, they won the game.

After the game, he signed some shoes and sent it to me after the game, and was like best wishes, keep playing hard and all that, and I didn’t even ask them for them. “So for me it was like, you know, I grew up a Knicks fan, right? Well, obviously, everybody you gotta like Michael Jordan at the end of the day, but it was just a surreal mome."