Lakers' Dwight Howard: Crazy to play alongside to many big names

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Lakers' Dwight Howard: Crazy to play alongside to many big names

Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard is extremely excited to be a part of the talented Lakers group. The Lakers' roster for the next season features a number of big names as Howard will be sharing the same locker room with LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis and Carmelo Anthony.

“It will be crazy,” Howard said. “It’s something that’s really hard to fathom, just imagine seeing all of us on the floor at the same time. Not on the All-Star team, not on the Olympic team, not for a charity game, but for an actual season, all of us will be together.

So I think that’s gonna be great. All our guys are hungry, we want to win, we want to stay in the best shape as possible, so I think it’s gonna be an awesome time this year just having everybody on the floor practicing, going hard, understanding that it’s only one mission and that’s to win the championship”.

Howard praises Anthony

This summer, Howard returned to Los Angeles for his third stint with the Lakers. On the other side, Anthony -- who had been linked to the Lakers many times in the past -- signed with the Purple and Gold for the first time at the age of 37.

“Well, Melo has just always been a professional,” Howard said. “He’s always worked hard, he’s always giving 110% on the court. That’s all you can ask. There’s another side of basketball that people don’t really see and that’s the business side and some things are left out of our control and the one thing that he’s always been in control with is just how hard he works and what he does while he’s training.

And that’s why he’s been able to play for 19 years and just shows that his work ethic and his discipline, sacrifice has always been there. And now to top it all off this year hopefully at the end with a trophy, so I think the hard work that Melo has put in from Day 1 has allowed him to play this many years in the league.

“But also, he’s been an inspiration to millions of kids around the world about just working hard and not allowing people or anybody to pull you down. He’s had some tough years with people making statements about his career, his game, his ego and stuff like that, but instead of letting that change who he is as a person, he just kept pushing forward and now he’s where he’s at”.