Lakers' Carmelo Anthony speaks on his love for the game of basketball

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Lakers' Carmelo Anthony speaks on his love for the game of basketball
Lakers' Carmelo Anthony speaks on his love for the game of basketball (Provided by Sport World News)

Los Angeles Lakers forward Carmelo Anthony, 37, still has a great love for the game as he is hoping to win his first NBA title this season. At the start of the 2019/2020 season, Anthony found himself out of the league but he returned to the NBA a year later after being given a shot by the Portland Trail Blazers.

This summer, Anthony left the Trail Blazers to join the Lakers. “You got to kick me out again for me not to love the game,” Anthony explained, per Lakers Nation. “You got to take me away from the game for me not to love the game.

And I think now I’ve found a new love, a new joy for the game. Being away from the game for a year and some change, being able to come back and still play basketball and enjoy it and play at a high level, that keeps me motivated.

That’s what keeps me close to the game and also now, understanding what’s at stake. What are the opportunities that I have and that we have now to go win a championship, it’s all got to come together. “People forget that, that it’s a long season.

But I’m excited about it, we’re excited about it, I’m bringing that love and that joy for the game to L.A. I’m gonna always love it as long as I’m playing the game and I got guys around me now that actually love the game just as much as me and who has won before.

So even though I’m gonna be there, I’m the elder statesman on the team, I’m mentoring and I’m teaching, I’m still learning at the same time. So I’m getting the best of both worlds, I teach and I learn at the same time”.

Anthony insists his ego has been checked

Anthony, who has been one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA over the last 15 years, insists he is all good with his new that sees him coming off the bench. “I’m smooth-sailing now, I can enjoy the rest of my summer, prepare for the season.

I don’t have that much stress that I had going into the last couple seasons of not knowing what my situation was gonna be. So this was an easy one, we got it out the way. Ego is checked. My ego’s been checked because I understand that it’s all about having perspective on your situation.

Again, most things, a lot of things in this league and in sports, it’s not in our control so we got to control what we can control and I’ve learned that over the years”.