Lakers' Trevor Ariza: What Carmelo Anthony brings to table is nightmare for defender

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Lakers' Trevor Ariza: What Carmelo Anthony brings to table is nightmare for defender

Trevor Ariza and Carmelo Anthony are now teammates but once they were going hard against each other. In 2009, Ariza was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers while Anthony played for the Denver Nuggets. In the 2009 NBA playoffs, the Lakers played the Nuggets and Ariza was given the duty of being primary defender on Anthony.

“Carmelo has always been like one of the toughest dudes in the world to play against because of talent, size, strength, speed, shooting ability,” Ariza said, per Lakers Nation. “Everything he brings to the table is just a nightmare for a defender.

So just watch his career and where it’s gone, like the ups and downs of it. The fact that he’s still able to mentally like block all that out is just a testament to the person that he is, and how strong that man is and his journey coming here and being here I think is very unique, and I think it should be something that’s celebrated”.

Ariza okay with whatever role given by the Lakers

The Lakers have a star-studded team and veteran Ariza is willing to do whatever it takes to win a championship. “Nah, to be honest with you, I don’t think it matters for anybody that’s here because again, when you’re a part of or when you’re trying to win a championship, the only thing that matters is the success of the team,” Ariza explained.

“So when the success of the team is the first thing you think about, whatever role you have on it doesn’t even matter as long as you have a role and the idea is for everybody to make each other better every day and to cheer for your teammate’s success.

I think that’s the only thing that’s important”. Like Ariza, Anthony is also okay with whatever role given by the Lakers as the 10-time NBA All Star insists his ego is in check. “I’m smooth-sailing now, I can enjoy the rest of my summer, prepare for the season.

I don’t have that much stress that I had going into the last couple seasons of not knowing what my situation was gonna be. So this was an easy one, we got it out the way. Ego is checked. My ego’s been checked because I understand that it’s all about having perspective on your situation.

Again, most things, a lot of things in this league and in sports, it’s not in our control so we got to control what we can control and I’ve learned that over the years”.