Clippers' Paul George: We are all dealing with depression and anxiety in NBA bubble

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Clippers' Paul George: We are all dealing with depression and anxiety in NBA bubble

Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George says he is not the only NBA player that has dealt with depression and anxiety in the bubble. The NBA season restarted on July 30 in Orlando as players are staying in a safe bubble, in which nobody has tested positive for the coronavirus.

But being separated from their friends and families is taking a toll on the mental health of players. "I mean, we're all dealing with it," George said, per Sports Illustrated. "You know, whether I was the first to say it or not, we're all dealing with it.

I've had conversations with guys here, and there's been a couple guys that is like, man, I'm happy I'm not the only one. I've been dealing with this, too. It's a thing in here. It's a brotherhood. Danny has got my back, I got his.

We support one another." George shot 4-of-17 in Game 2 against the Dallas Mavericks, 3-of-16 in Game 3, 3-of-14 in Game 4. After Game 5 -- in which he went 12-of-18 and scored 35 points -- George admitted he battled anxiety and depression.

"It was just a little bit of everything," George said several days ago, per ESPN. “I underestimated mental health, honestly. I had anxiety. A little bit of depression. Just being locked in here. I just wasn't there.

I checked out. "Games 2, 3, 4, I wasn't there. I felt like I wasn't there. Shout-out to the people that were in my corner, that gave me words. They helped big time, help get me right, [get] me back in great spirits.

I can't thank them enough."

Danny Green and Landry Shamet absolutely understand George

Los Angeles Lakers' Danny Green received lots of criticism after Game 1 against the Portland Trail Blazers. "The bubble is as good as your play," Danny Green said.

"If you’re not playing well, walls are gonna close in on you. Trust me, I know exactly what PG is going through. You have nothing but to look at your phone & social media all day & all they're doing is bullying you”.

Clippers' Shamet says George coming out and admitting mental health issues proves it can happen to anybody. "Paul George doing that, saying that, then it shows the reality of regardless of who you are, we all have our things that we have to deal with and cope with and can visit those dark places sometimes," Shamet said. "It should be eye-opening and received well by anybody who heard it."