Lakers' Russell Westbrook: I would put our team up against anybody

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Lakers' Russell Westbrook: I would put our team up against anybody

Russell Westbrook is extremely excited about the roster the Los Angeles Lakers put up as he is determined to win his first NBA title next season. Westbrook, who spent last season with the Washington Wizards, expressed desire to join the Lakers so the Wizards worked out a trade with the Purple and Gold.

The Lakers have now formed a Big Three as Westbrook joins LeBron James and Anthony Davis in Los Angeles. “Yeah, man, it’s amazing,” Westbrook said, per Lakers Nation. “The roster’s great. A bunch of guys that I’ve already known previously, which is even better.

And I’m more excited just to like I said before, I’m always interested in as I come into the season, always looking the roster and figuring out how I can make other guys better, and it’s as simple as that.

“I want to be able to leave an impact on people when they either play with me or come across me in a positive way. I’ll find ways to do that with that roster, but I’m looking forward to getting together with all the guys and figuring it out”.

Westbrook confident in the Lakers

The Lakers have one of the most talented rosters in the NBA but they won't have an easy job of winning it all next season. One of the top favorites to win make it all the way will be the Brooklyn Nets, who feature a Big Three consisting of Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving.

“To be honest, my mindset is I never really worry about no other team. To be honest, we only can control what’s in our locker room and how we’re able to compete and go out. I put our team up against anybody.

That’s where I stand with that," Wesbrook noted. Meanwhile, new Lakers addition Malik Monk is excited about playing with Westbrook. “I can’t explain how excited I am,” Monk said. “But how to attack, when to attack, when not to attack, and just how to be on go-mode the whole time and just his intensity.

He never takes no plays off, he’s always going 100% and that’s what I can take and try to learn from him too”. Monk believes that playing alongside so many stars will give him space to operate. “Open everything up for me,” Monk said.

“A lot more easier shots, a lot more uncontested shots, a lot more drives that I can get downhill to because LeBron and Westbrook and AD, they’re all gonna make the floor spaced out for all of us”.

Russell Westbrook