Lakers' Carmelo Anthony: My ego has been checked

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Lakers' Carmelo Anthony: My ego has been checked
Lakers' Carmelo Anthony: My ego has been checked (Provided by Sport World News)

Carmelo Anthony insists that his ego in check and that is okay with whatever role given by the Los Angeles Lakers. After failed stints with the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets, Anthony found himself out of the league at the start of the 2019/2020 season.

Anthony was eventually given another shot in the NBA by the Portland Trail Blazers and he thrived in his off the bench role. “You just got to do it,” Anthony said, per Lakers Nation. “You got to understand your surroundings, you got to understand the situation that you’re in and a lot of times it’s not always gonna be about you and some things are just not in your control at times.

“A lot of the situations I’ve been in, it wasn’t in my control. I was always like playing catch-up in a situation that I was in so now I’m able to kind of get this decision out the way, I’m cool now, I don’t have to worry about where I’m going or what training camp I’m gonna be in, what type of workouts I have to do”.

Anthony at peace ahead of the 2021/2022 season

“I’m smooth-sailing now, I can enjoy the rest of my summer, prepare for the season. I don’t have that much stress that I had going into the last couple seasons of not knowing what my situation was gonna be.

So this was an easy one, we got it out the way. Ego is checked. My ego’s been checked because I understand that it’s all about having perspective on your situation. Again, most things, a lot of things in this league and in sports, it’s not in our control so we got to control what we can control and I’ve learned that over the years”.

Dwight Howard, who returned to the Lakers this summer, has nothing but good to say of Anthony. “Well, Melo has just always been a professional,” Howard said. “He’s always worked hard, he’s always giving 110% on the court.

That’s all you can ask. “There’s another side of basketball that people don’t really see and that’s the business side and some things are left out of our control and the one thing that he’s always been in control with is just how hard he works and what he does while he’s training”.

“And that’s why he’s been able to play for 19 years and just shows that his work ethic and his discipline, sacrifice has always been there. And now to top it all off this year hopefully at the end with a trophy, so I think the hard work that Melo has put in from Day 1 has allowed him to play this many years in the league”.