Jordan earned 6,000,000 euros from the sale of Messi's jerseys

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Jordan earned 6,000,000 euros from the sale of Messi's jerseys

Who can, he knows how to use the chance, and Michael Jordan, who with agent David Falk showed that he can, earned about 6,000,000 euros from the sale of Paris Saint-Germain jerseys only from the arrival of Lionel Messi! Namely, back in 1984, when Falk and Jordan were in successful negotiations, they demanded and boxed that in addition to a fixed salary in the name of promotion (about $ 500,000 a year), the Oregon company would start producing a fashion line with his last name and of course five percent from the sale of these items to Jordan's account.

As time went on, Jordan climbed more and more, or rather flew like the top, while from year to year the demand for things with his name and character (contours) increased almost geometrically, whose sales surpassed the results of a large number of big players on this market.

The Jordan brand has become so powerful and recognizable that in 2018 when Nike extended its sponsorship contract for another three seasons (60,000,000 euros per year), which was extended to another (67,000,000 euros) at the beginning of the year, they decided to put it on the almost complete equipment of PSG Given the earlier written agreement, this automatically meant that from every item sold to PSG with the Jordan logo, NBA legend and Charlotte Hornets owner would earn some money ...

And since Nike and PSG, according to the French and American media, only since the arrival of Messi, who is ironically one of the main promoters of the big competitor Adidas, have sold equipment (read most jerseys) worth 120,000,000 euros, then it is not difficult to calculate how much Jordan collected.


PSG did not fare badly in this whole agreement, although in the next two years they will have to set aside around 70,000,000 euros net for Messi's salaries without bonuses. Because PSG receive seven percent of the earnings from each Nike or Jordan brand item sold, which in this case is 7,400,000 euros, ie the amount of approximately two and a half monthly net salaries of Argentines in Paris ...

Of course, in all this, at least at the beginning, Nike did the best. When the percentages for the club and Michael Jordan are deducted, the sports company has collected 106,600,000 million euros in these few days. And when various taxes and duties are additionally deducted, as well as the costs of production and transport, it turns out that, if they have not already paid the entire season of the sponsorship agreement with PSG, Nike is at least close to "zero"

And the first round of League 1 has just been played ... By the way, this is not the first profitable business trip of Nike in Paris, because the company from Oregon has been sponsoring one of the most respected street basketball tournaments in the world since 2006 - "Quai 54" - which has a special fashion line within the Jordan brand ...