Thunder's Chris Paul: Players needed time to reset following emotional past few days

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Thunder's Chris Paul: Players needed time to reset following emotional past few days

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Chris Paul claims the past few days have been extremely tough for all NBA players and everyone needed to reset and refocus. The Milwaukee Bucks boycotted Game 5 against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man shot seven times by the police.

"It's definitely been a very emotional past couple of days, not only for myself, but everyone," Paul said, per ESPN. ".. I've got to give a lot of credit to our players. It's been a hard time. Everyone's shouldering a lot, but the communication that [we're] having is amazing.

What everyone saw in the past couple days was guys just needing to reset, to refocus, and that's what we did." The NBA Players Association and the NBA eventually agreed on continuing the season. Reportedly, the Los Angeles Lakers were one of the two teams that didn't want to continue the season and LeBron James abruptly left one of the meetings.

"It was never about one person. It was never about one team. It was all about all of us together," Paul said. "When the events happened the other day of the game, we stood in solidarity with our brothers from Milwaukee.

Everything that we do is about the brotherhood, about everyone as a whole. So it was never about what is this one team or what is this one player going to do."

Paul says NBA players are also human beings with emotions

"The shootings that continue to happen, it creates a lot of unrest.

A whole lot of unrest," Paul said. "For us, to have a predominantly African American league, to see our Black brothers being shot and killed on a daily basis, it just doesn't make a lot of sense to us. Everyone expects us to go out and play.

I get it. But we needed some time. All of us. "We needed some time to refocus and understand that we can do that. We're human, at the end of the day. A lot of times people pass a lot of judgment about what we should do or what we shouldn't do, but I give our guys a lot of credit because they've been doing a hell of a job.

A hell of a job down here performing and speaking on the different social injustices going on day in and day out. While trying to be a great athlete. While trying to be a great husband. While trying to be a great father."