Patrick Beverley explains what led to Clippers change of heart over NBA resumption

The Clippers initially didn't want to continue the NBA season.

by Dzevad Mesic
Patrick Beverley explains what led to Clippers change of heart over NBA resumption

Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley said his team wanted to stay "united" with all the other teams when the discussions about the the rest of the NBA playoffs took place. On Wednesday, the Milwaukee Bucks refused to take on the court for their Game 5 against the Orlando Magic following the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Soon the remaining NBA games scheduled for the day were also postponed. Blake, a Black man, was shot seven times by police in Wisconsin and NBA players were reportedly so stressed out they contemplated to not finish the season.

"I think collectively as a team, we just wanted to stay united with every other team here in the bubble," Beverley said of what changed for the Clippers from Wednesday to Thursday, per ESPN. "And of course the dialogue that we had was between players -- players only -- but whatever dialogue that was, it came out to be positive.

"Anything with communication -- good communication, bad communication, emotional communication, any type of communication -- leads to answers. And we've been fortunate to have a good PA (National Basketball Players Association).

... Communication was good and it led to some action, and that's the most important thing."

Beverley said it was a 'very interesting conversation'

Initially, it was reported the Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers were in favor of not continuing the season.

"Oh, just we had a very interesting conversation," Beverley said Friday. "The PA is like a family... You don't always agree with your family members, and that's OK. You communicate about it and you try to make it better. Whatever the dialogue was or whatever you guys think it is, we made things better yesterday, meeting with the owners, and that's the most important thing." The NBA season is set to continue and Beverley gave credit to his coach Doc Rivers for keeping team together.

"He's a blessing," Beverley said of Rivers. "... Doc, he's helped us. Not only as a coach, but he's helped us kind of steer things in the right direction that we need to steer to, and he has knowledge. He's been around. He has a lot of connections.

He has a lot of access to doors that me or anybody else might not have access to. He's able to put out in words that me as an athlete that I might not be able to put out. He's able to put those words out and deliver a message to not only get through to the African American, that gets through to everybody."

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