Wizards' Spencer Dinwiddie hopes to successfully succeed Russell Westbrook

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Wizards' Spencer Dinwiddie hopes to successfully succeed Russell Westbrook

Spencer Dinwiddie is hoping that he will do a good job as the playmaker for the Washington Wizards . The Wizards have had some big names at the point guard position over the last 20 years and Dinwiddie is hoping he won't let down the fans in D.C.

Gilbert Arenas, John Wall and most recently Russell Westbrook are some of the names that played for the Wizards at the point guard position. "I'm not Gilbert, John or Russ. Those are all dudes with very interesting personalities," Dinwiddie said on Monday.

"You've got some of the best players -- obviously Russ, one of the best players to ever play in terms of the triple-doubles. You've got Gilbert, one of the best scorers of all time. You've got John, who had an extended run when you could argue he was the best point guard in the league."

Dinwiddie underlined that he respects Arenas, Wall and Westbrook but added that his style is different. "I think I'll be the first point guard in D.C. history to possibly lobby senators about Bitcoin. We can go with that," Dinwiddie said.

"But in all seriousness, I think just my style of play is very different from them. Like I said, I respect everything that they did, but what I want to be known for is winning, and that's what I hope to bring to the franchise."

The Wizards replaced Westbrook with Dinwiddie

After spending only a year with the Wizards, Westbrook decided not to continue in D.C. so the team traded him to the Lakers. It has been a busy offseason for point guards. Kyle Lowry went to the Miami Heat, while Lonzo Ball went to the Chicago Bulls.

"Obviously Russ was the domino that opened up Washington," Dinwiddie said. "To me, I felt like I should be the second one off the board, understanding Kyle has won a championship, obviously was going to command a near-max contract.

... I think it shook out that obviously I was third, because Lonzo went to Chicago." Dinwiddie is expected to share the backcourt in D.C. with Bradley Beal. "Obviously, I spoke to him, and obviously he's his own man and his decisions are his own.

So I can't talk about his plans or what he's going to do," Dinwiddie said. "I think right now we're both willing to kind of take a little bit of a bet on each other and try to do something special. All we can kind of focus on is the now, and if plans change then they change, but we're here now and have a really special chance."