Carmelo Anthony signs with Lakers, teams up with close friend LeBron James

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Carmelo Anthony signs with Lakers, teams up with close friend LeBron James

10-time NBA All Star Carmelo Anthony has agreed to a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, his agent Bay Frazier told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. Anthony, 37, spent the last two seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers and he flourished in his bench role.

Last season, Anthony averaged 13.4 points off the bench and proved that he is still capable of helping a team win games. Anthony, who was out of the NBA for a year before the Trail Blazers decided to give him a shot, now joins close friend LeBron James in Los Angeles.

Anthony and James have a close relationship and now they are set to play together on the same team.

Anthony enjoyed his time with the Trail Blazers

Anthony failed to win his first NBA title with the Trail Blazers but he had an extremely high opinion of Portland's top star Damian Lillard.

"Dame's at the top for me," Anthony said last year. "I've never played with someone who lifted his team on the court with his play and as a leader. He genuinely cares for his teammates. What he's been able to do is amazing.

He's the top guy I've played with.... I've played with some great players, but the way Dame elevates his game and others, he's at the top." In May, Anthony moved to No. 10 on the NBA's all-time scoring list "Top 10 in anything of all time is a special thing," Anthony said after achieving the milestone.

"I don't want to take this moment for granted. I understand how big this moment is. It don't seem real because I'm still in it, I'm still doing this." Anthony didn't want to force his moment. "I knew this moment.

I didn't know the other moments," Anthony said. "I didn't know the 15 and 13 and 11, but 10 is something I knew. I've felt it. I felt it coming into the game. I didn't want to rush it or force it or anything; I wanted to let the game coming to me and happen naturally.

I felt good coming into today, and as you can see, the shot was falling early and I got off to a great start. That made it easier. I could exhale and relax." Anthony worked hard to be where he is. "I told my teammates after the game that it was my perseverance, it was me staying true to myself, never wavering and staying solid," Anthony said. "That's why I'm able to be in this position today."