Which athletes are the most insulted on Twitter?

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Which athletes are the most insulted on Twitter?

Millions, planes, the most beautiful girls, the most expensive restaurants… But it is not always easy to be planetarily popular. Social networks have given everyone the opportunity to give his comment when it comes to them, and as a sport is a passion - athletes are very often under attack.

So the Pickwise portal compiled a list of athletes that people most often insult on Twitter. In a convincing first place, LeBron James, probably partly because he is so good, and certainly partly because he is not afraid to express political views.

The Los Angeles Lakers ace received as many as 122,569 insulting messages on Twitter, between June last year and June this year. King James provokes such a reaction that he received three times more insults than the second-placed on the list.

Somewhat surprisingly, there is Marcus Rashford, a Manchester United football player, otherwise, a man who delights many by trying to feed and enlighten the most financially endangered. We guess that makes someone angry too.

That really shouldn’t happen, given that Rashford is one of the most successful footballers who use every opportunity to help others. However, probably the reason lies in the fact that Manchester United has one of the largest fan bases in the world, and Rashford is one of the most recognizable United footballers, so it may not be surprising such a reaction, especially if we know what season Rashford has behind him.

Other names

They are followed by Tom Brady, Kevin Durant, NASCAR driver Baba Wallace, then Damian Lillard, baseball star Trevor Bauer, then another football player Cristiano Ronaldo, then Stephen Curry, Mesut Ozil, certainly because of his relationship with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Ergodan… There are also Stan Collymore, retired, but very active on Twitter, so James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Paul Pogba.

It is devastating that out of 20 people on the list, as many as 16 are black athletes. We don't know if the reason lies in the color of their skin or something else, but certainly that such things should happen regardless of the color of the skin.

Athletes are ordinary people who sometimes have a good and sometimes a bad day, and sport is something to be enjoyed, not hated or insulted. There has been a lot of talk about this problem lately and we hope that there will be less and less of these things in the future. Sport should promote love, not hatred!