Paul George drops playoff career-high in Game 5 win over Suns

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Paul George drops playoff career-high in Game 5 win over Suns
Paul George drops playoff career-high in Game 5 win over Suns (Provided by Sport World News)

The Los Angeles Clippers were facing an elimination on Monday night but their star guard Paul George stepped up big time and helped them beat the Phoenix Suns in Game 5. George, who has had an and down series against the Suns, scored a playoff career-high of 41 points on Monday night to help the Clippers beat the Suns 116-102 and reduce the deficit to 3-2.

George was subbed out just over a minute left to play and ge was greeted by head coach Ty Lue. "A lot of MFs," George said of what Lue said to him. "And bleep this and bleep that." When asked if he feels he is picked on more than other NBA stars when things go bad, George said: "I do.

And it's the honest truth. It's a fact. But I can't worry about that. It comes with the job, I guess. ... I still try to go and dominate. ... And so I'm beyond that, you know what I mean. I am who I am. I wish I could shoot 80%, 75%, on a nightly basis, but it's not realistic." "What I can do is do everything else," he added.

"They can judge me on what they want to. That part don't matter to me. I'm going to go out there and hoop and give it everything I got."

DeMarcus Cousins defends George

"I don't know where this trolling bulls--- has come from where the internet controls the narratives about these players," said DeMarcus Cousins, who scored 15 points in 11 minutes off the bench.

"It's becoming foolish, man. Like I said earlier in the year, [George is] one of the most special players to ever lace his shoes up. "Give this dude his flowers, man. I don't understand the slander. It's becoming quite silly now.

Respect these players, man. Respect these greats." The Clippers entered Game 5 determined to leave it all. "If they were going to finish this series off, they were going to have to work for it," George said. "That was just the mentality we came into this with.

We weren't going to back down. We weren't going to just throw in the towel. The fact of the matter is, they got to beat us." Meanwhile, Suns guard Chris Paul acknowledged his team has got to do a better job on George. "He got it going," Paul said. "He was getting to his spots, making shots. ... We got to make it tougher on him."

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