Clippers' Paul George on his shooting slump: I'm no James Harden

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Clippers' Paul George on his shooting slump: I'm no James Harden

Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George says he is not James Harden and he impacts the game on more than just the offensive side of the floor. George has been in a shooting slump over the last two games against the Dallas Mavericks, shooting 4-for-17 in Game 2 and 3-for-16 in Game 3.

The Clippers dropped Game 2 but won Game 3 130-122 to take a 2-1 lead in the series. "I'm no James Harden," George said, per ESPN. "That's not my knack ... to just shoot the ball, score the ball. I can and I pride myself on being effective on both ends.

But there's going to be nights like this where I just can't make a shot, and I can't allow that to affect my game. "I think people get so caught up what other people [think]. I'm Paul George. I don't care to be anybody else.

I am who I am. You [can] love it or you don't. Simple as that."

George says he is tries to do everything on the court

"I'm obviously struggling shooting, struggling scoring the ball," George said. "It didn't affect us winning tonight."

"Shot-making ... scoring the ball is not what I [only] do," he added. "I try to do everything, I try to play the game the right way and just get lost in the game and try to pass the ball and make plays defensively, rebound.

Just a little bit of everything. I am going through a tough time, but good thing about it, we are up 2-1 in this series and I haven't shot the ball well." Clippers coach Doc Rivers is confident that George will eventually find his range.

"I'm not worried about it," Rivers said. "He's a great player. He's human. I can guarantee you this, he has not forgotten how to shoot. It will fall for him." Kawhi Leonard, the 2019 NBA Finals MVP, scored 36 points, grabbed nine rebounds and dished out eight assists to lead the Clippers past the Mavericks in Game 3.

Leonard is also confident that George will find a way out of his slump. "I mean, he's good," Leonard said. "We all start from scratch again Game 4. You shoot 100% from 3 in two games, three games, doesn't mean you're going to shoot well going forward.

It's all from scratch again. This is playoff basketball. "He's a confident player, he's going to turn it around. We got his back."