Hawks' Trae Young determined to bounce back in Game 3

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Hawks' Trae Young determined to bounce back in Game 3

Atlanta Hawks coach Nate McMillan didn't think that Milwaukee Bucks guard Jrue Holiday defended differently Trae Young in Game 2. In Game 1, Young dropped 48 points and had 11 assists as the Hawks beat the Bucks. In Game 2, the Bucks demolished the Hawks 125-91 as Young scored only 15 points.

"I didn't think Jrue did anything other than stay focused on Trae, containing the ball, just being right there," McMillan said. "We've got to do a better job of screening when you have that type of pressure on the ball."

Young is hoping to bounc back in Game 3 and help the Hawks regain the lead in the series. "They didn't really change up too much of their defensive scheme," Young said. "They were more in on the rollers so the perimeter was more open, and I've just got to make better reads.

I take complete responsibility for whatever happened tonight. Taking care of the ball is something I've got to be better at, and I will be better at it. They really just upped their physicality, and we've got to do the same."

Young determined to bounce back "I mean, every series has been physical," he said. "The Knicks and the Sixers are two of the top three defenses in the league. The Sixers had three All-Defensive players on their team.

I've seen physicality from defenders all playoffs, and it's nothing new. I've just got to be able to respond and be better next game." McMillan said that the Hawks are returning to Atlanta happy since they managed to get one win on the road.

"Any time you can go .500 on the road, that's a good thing, especially in the playoffs," McMillan said. "We had an opportunity to get two, we got one, so we're happy with that. But there's another level that we have to get to from where we are right now.

We're playing for a trip to the finals. They showed us that there's another level that we have to get to in order to win games and advance." Added McMillan: "We know we're better than this. The message to the team is we've got to be able to take that next step, raise our level of play.

That sense of urgency that we've been talking about, that team showed us that they are a really good team, and there's another level that we have to get to to have success against them."