Hawks' Trae Young takes responsibility for Game 2 versus Bucks

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Hawks' Trae Young takes responsibility for Game 2 versus Bucks

Atlanta Hawks star guard Trae Young took all the blame for his team's Game 2 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. On Friday night, the Bucks handed a 125-91 loss to the Hawks to level the series at one game apiece. Young scored 48 points and had 11 assists in Game 1 and the Hawks won.

In Game 2, Young had only 15 points and the Hawks suffered a brutal loss. "That's all on me," Young said. "I've got to be better at taking care of the ball. And do a better job of at least getting us a shot and not turning it over so much.

And I've got to do better and I will be better next game." Young suggested the Bucks didn't bring a different defending strategy but they were just more aggressive. "They didn't do nothing too much different," he said.

"They just played more aggressive. Scott [Foster] and them allowed more to go tonight. So just got to be better and be able to respond to that better."

Young suggested the refs let the Bucks be aggressive

"A lot of it is more about how the refs are going to call it that night," Young said.

"If they're going to let them be aggressive, they're going to let them be aggressive. If they're not -- I mean, they're going to call it the way it's supposed to be, then it would be different. But sometimes it's called that way, and when they're aggressive and they don't call it, nights like tonight happen."

Young hopes the Hawks will bounce back in Game 3. "It was just one of those nights, and sometimes it happens like that," Young said. "It sucks it happened tonight, but we've got to be able to bounce back."

Jrue Holiday did an exceptional job on Young in Game 2. "I think I played smarter tonight. I played smarter than last game," Holiday said. "There are times where I need to be physical with him and there are other times where I want him to think I am going to be physical and I might go under a screen.

I think I was definitely smarter than how I played in the first game." Hawks coach Nate McMillan didn't want to give Holiday credit for defending Young. "I didn't think Jrue did anything other than stay focused on Trae, containing the ball, just being right there," he said. "We've got to do a better job of screening when you have that type of pressure on the ball."