Atlanta Hawks rally from 26 down to beat Philadelphia 76ers in Game 5

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Atlanta Hawks rally from 26 down to beat Philadelphia 76ers in Game 5

The Atlanta Hawks were down by 26 points in Game 5 versus the Philadelphia 76ers but they refused to quit and ended up winning to take a 3-2 lead in the series. "There's no quit," Atlanta coach Nate McMillan said after his team's 109-106 win in Philadelphia.

"We always talk about playing a 48-minute game. It's a long game. And it took all 48 minutes tonight to get it done." Hawks star guard Trae Young scored a game-high 39 points and had seven assists. "We have guys who can make shots and make 3s and really get our offense going.

We can put up points really quick," Young said. "I think early on we were missing a lot of open shots and it was one of those first halves again. Hopefully we shoot a lot better at home [on Friday] than we did tonight and the last game.

We ​always have a belief that we're in the game."

The Hawks kept believing they could win the game

"I've done it already when we were down 31. And 26 is better than 31," Hawks forward Danilo Gallinari said.

"I think you can do it as long as you believe, as long as everyone believes. That's been the main thing since the beginning of the season. When you keep believing and doing your job, amazing things can happen." Sixers head coach Doc Rivers wasnn't happy after the game "Even though we kept the lead, I think we had six turnovers in our first 10 possessions to start the third quarter.

That's why I called the early timeout," Rivers said. "You could see we kind of exhaled, relaxed. The first unit was just good enough and Seth [Curry] carried us in that stretch to keep the lead at 22. Where it could have very easily been at 30 if we don't turn the ball over.

"And then, obviously, you got to take guys out and the second group really struggled tonight in the second half. They were phenomenal in the first half, and then in the second half, they struggled. And then down the stretch.

Listen, we scored 19 points and gave up 40. So it's on us. It's on all of us. It's on me. It's on the players. And we have to figure out how to get back up, which we will, and bring this game back here for Game 7."

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