Trae Young leads Hawks to tight win over 76ers in Game 4

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Trae Young leads Hawks to tight win over 76ers in Game 4

Atlanta Hawks star guard Trae Young was bothered by a shoulder issue but he managed to play and lead his team to a 103-100 win over the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 4. "I told him we're good. We're fine. Let's go play. Let's go win," Young revealed his message to Hawks coach Nate McMillan.

Young said that "I wasn't gonna tell nobody anyways other than the training staff" because he was adamant he would play in Game 4. He was not listed on the injury report prior to Game 4. Young finished the game with 25 points and 18 assists.

"He was missing some shots that he normally makes, and the ball wouldn't fall for him," McMillan said. "He's a tough kid. I thought he established the tempo that we needed to get a win tonight. I thought he established that tempo early in the game.

His shot started to eventually fall for him. He missed some shots, and it could've been the shoulder -- I really don't know. But some of those same shots he missed in the first half, he started to knock down in the second half."

Young played through the shoulder issue

"It wasn't bothering me," Young said of his shoulder.

"It was just fighting through it. Knowing it was kind of sore, I was trying to work it out and keep it warm throughout the game. I'm not blaming my shooting on my arm. I feel like I had a lot of good looks. The shots just weren't going in.

I gotta be better at knocking down my shots." Young was trapped and double-teamed but he managed to get 18 assists.b "They are doing a lot of hedging and trapping," Young said. "For me, that's fine. That's good. Now it's all about making the right play and the open pass.

That's really pretty much what they did. They were just forcing me to really just give up the ball." The series is now tied atv2-2. "We've been fighting all year," Young said. "We've been fighting all year and this team never gives up, no matter what the score is throughout the game.

We know it's a long game. The NBA is a long game. It's a 48-minute game. For us, it was just staying level-headed throughout the whole game. Every team is gonna make runs. I love the way we fight, and I'm proud of our team tonight."