Lakers' Anthony Davis suggests team needs to be more confident and comfortable

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Lakers' Anthony Davis suggests team needs to be more confident and comfortable

Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis didn't appear to be worried after his team dropped Game 2 against the Portland Trail Blazers as he suggests the Lakers simply need to be a bit more confident and comfortable with taking shots.

The first-seeded Lakers suffered a 100-93 defeat to the eighth-seeded Trail Blazers after struggling all night to knock down open shots. Davis scored a team-high 28 for the Lakers but he shot 8-of-24 from the field and made 12-of-17 of his free throw attempts.

"Just got to take our time at the rim. Go up strong and finish, knowing that their rim protector is going to come to try and block the shot. Jump into the big guy or kick it out for 3s,” Davis said, per Lakers Nation.

“We’ve just got to make shots, be confident in our process and work. When we kick it out to our shooters, be comfortable, take our time and knock down shots. That’s the difference in the game."

Davis says tough to beat the Lakers in a fast-paced game

"As long as we continue to play with a lot of pace, it’s definitely tough to beat us.

It’s when we slow down and we’re not running, where we kind of get in trouble,” Davis explained. Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma scored 14 points and grabbed eight rebounds in Game 1 against the Trail Blazers. "It’s an everyday challenge,” Kuzma said of becoming an all-around player.

“It’s all about getting better every day. Us athletes may say that and it kind of goes over peoples’ heads, but to me that’s what it is. “I’m far away from being the defender I want to be and I’m far away from being the offensive player I want to be.

It’s all about just every day trying to get better and compete. Not only compete against my teammates in practice and opponents, but competing against myself mentally every day”. The Lakers lost but their coach Frank Vogel was happy with their offensive flow.

"We had a great offensive flow. I liked a lot of the looks that we got,” Vogel said after the loss. “Obviously we shot a really poor percentage from the 3-point line. We’ve got to continue to focus on shot quality, but not just at the 3-point line, at the rim as well.

“We passed up paint to great opportunities and didn’t have great shot selection inside, but I loved the competitive spirit of our team”.