Clippers' Kawhi Leonard not quitting after falling 2-0 down to Jazz

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Clippers' Kawhi Leonard not quitting after falling 2-0 down to Jazz
Clippers' Kawhi Leonard not quitting after falling 2-0 down to Jazz (Provided by Sport World News)

The Los Angeles Clippers have found themselves again 2-0 down in a series but their superstar Kawhi Leonard remains optimistic that his team could again turn around the series. On Thursday night in Salt Lake City, the Utah Jazz beat the Clippers 117-111 to take a 2-0 lead in the series.

In the first round, the Clippers were down 2-0 to the Dallas Mavericks but ended up winning the series 4-3. "We all got to put our will out on the floor," Leonard said of what it will take for the Clippers to duplicate their first-round comeback.

"You know, see what we did in the first two games and try to limit our mistakes and just keep going on from there pretty much. "We'll see [on Friday] what we got to do, and we've got a lot of fight left. So you know, we're up for the challenge." Despite the loss, Clippers head coach Ty Lue was happy with the shots his team was getting.

"I mean, what else can you get?" Lue said. "Four or five wide-open 3s, we just didn't make. So we knew Rudy [Gobert] was going to help. We knew our shooters was going to be open, and we just got to step up and make shots, and we don't.

We just got good shots and we didn't make them. Hopefully next game, they go down."

Like Leonard, Paul George also remains optimistic

Clippers star guard George gave credit to the Jazz but underlined that the series is far from over.

"We've got to give them credit," said Paul George, who had 27 points, 10 rebounds and six assists. "This is a tough opponent. They weren't No. 1 in the West for no reason. ... But, you know, we are approaching this the same way Dallas was -- we still feel we have a lot of possessions that we can clean up, a lot of possessions that are hurting us that's our fault.

"As good as they are playing, as tough as this matchup is, we still feel like there's moments throughout this game, this series, that, you know, we are making plays that are self-inflicted," George said. "It's a lot of uphill.

But we're optimistic that we can get this under control and go back home, one game at a time, and try to tie this series up." The Clippers will now host the Jazz in Games 3 and 4.

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