Jrue Holiday delivers in clutch time to help Bucks beat Nets in Game 3

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Jrue Holiday delivers in clutch time to help Bucks beat Nets in Game 3

The Milwaukee Bucks came up big in key moments of Game 3 versus the Brooklyn Nets and managed to escape with a win and reduce the deficit to 2-1 in the series. With 83 seconds to go, the Bucks were down three but they scored the last six points of the game to earn an 86-83 win.

"Defense first," Bucks guard Jrue Holiday said. "Defense wins games, and it wins championships. I think to be able to get a stop even down with two seconds left means a lot. Them scoring 83 points, I feel like for us that's the type of defense we want to play.

"If we got to muck up the game, then we got to muck it up. But when it comes down to it, we want to be aggressive on everyone." The Bucks led by 19 after the first quarter but their lead was only three points at halftime.

"Shoot, man, they did what they were supposed to do: Come out aggressive, backs against the wall, and we had to weather that storm," said Kyrie Irving, who had 22 points in 45 minutes. "So, definitely kind of put us on our heels for the rest of the game just playing catch-up, playing their style of basketball, and then they made some big timely shots, which carried them forward.

"But we had our chances down the stretch. It was a possession-by-possession game. Both teams battling. So that's a good ol' fashioned playoff game right there."

Holiday was clutch for the Bucks.

"Try to get in the paint and make something happen," Holiday said of his offensive mindset, after he went 4-for-14 and scored 9 points in 46 minutes.

"But I do think at some point today I got a little bit discouraged because I'm getting in there and put it in there and my shots aren't falling." Bucks superstar Giannis Anteokounmpo had 33 points and 14 rebounds.

"It's all about instinct," said Anteokounmpo.. "Basketball is all about instincts. At the end of the day, my instinct is telling me that's the right decision to take it, I'll live with that. "It's the same ...

like, everybody, if you wake up in the morning and think you've got to drink a cup of coffee, and that's what you want to do, that's what your instinct is telling you, that's what your soul is telling you.

Whatever the case may be, that's what you do. You know, it doesn't matter what happens next, because you live with the decision you make. "And at the end of the day, I was just trying to make the right decision in the right moment and today it was shooting 8 3s, and next game it was shooting zero 3s. Who knows? I'm just going to try to keep making the right decision."