Hawks' Trae Young buries Knicks, takes bow and waves goodbye to crowd

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Hawks' Trae Young buries Knicks, takes bow and waves goodbye to crowd

Atlanta Hawks star guard Trae Young wanted to say a final goodbye to the New York Knicks fans on Wednesday. In the final minute of Game 5, Young went to work versus Reggie Bullock one-on-one and drained a 30-feet three-pointer.

After making the shot, Young took a bow at center court and waved goodbye to the crowd. "I know where we are. I know it's a bunch of shows around this city," Young said of the bow after the Hawks' 103-89 victory, per ESPN.

"And I know what they do when the show is over." Young had a big Game 5 as he dropped 36 points and dished out nine assists. "It feels good," Young said. "Like I said since the beginning of the season, I feel like I've worked my whole life for this moment, to play in the playoffs on the biggest stage.

I put in a lot of work. A lot of the guys who have been here have done the same. It feels good to win it. It feels good to win the series. Now, we get to focus on the second round."

Young got into it with the Knicks crowd

"Trae loves this stuff," Hawks big man John Collins said.

"He's in the gym grinding. You see him pandering and playing to the crowd. Certain guys get motivated and find their reason and extra motivation to play based off the crowd. The crowd does give you energy. "Trae loves to use that negative energy and use it as fuel for him.

For whatever fans who want to keep antagonizing that man, please go right ahead. It's not gonna bother him, and we got his back, as well." Before Game 5, Hawks center Clint Capela said the Hawks would win Game 5 and send the Knicks to a vacation.

"I was definitely believing in my group, me and our team," Capela said. "And we did the job. We came out here thinking we don't want to give them anything. We did the job from the start to the end. We deserved it."

Collins loved Capela's trash-talk. "I loved it," Collins said. "Obviously, big talk on his end and sort of put the team on the line, in a sense; but we had his back, and we knew he was going to come out and give it 100 percent.

I really had no issues with it. I just wanted to come out and do what he said: Send them on vacation, and send them home."