Hawks' Clint Capela takes shot at Knicks

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Hawks' Clint Capela takes shot at Knicks

Atlanta Hawks center Clint Capela took a shot at the New York Knicks, saying the Hawks would have much more problems than they have now if the Knicks were really a physicall team. The Knicks have been trying to play a physicial basketball and trash-talk the Hawks but it hasn't paid so far as the Hawks have a 3-1 lead in the series.

"I don't know if they're physical, but they are trying to play physical," Capela said, per ESPN. "I feel like if they were really physical, I think we'd have more problems than what we have." In Game 4, Hawks center John Collins needed four stitches in his lip after receiving an elbow from Knicks big man Julius Randle.

"They are trying to play tough, push our guys around and talk s---," Capela said. "But we can do that too. We showed them as soon as we came back here that we can do that too. We can push guys around too. We can talk s--- as well, so what you gonna do about it? Oh and we can get a win with it.

So what you gonna do about it? "Oh, Game 4, you're coming back again, well it's gonna happen again. We win the game, we talk s--- and we push around. So what you gonna do about it? That's what happened. We can do it too. We can be physical but we can win games as well.

"Now we're coming to your home to win this game again and send you on vacation."

Capela underlines being physical and being dirty are two different things

"It's two different games," Capela said. "We play hard because we're playing the right way and we win games that way.

When you're playing hard because that's your last solution, I don't take that as a 'playing hard' team. Randle also received a flagrant-1 foul late in the game after showing Danilo Galinari. "I wasn't trying to hurt him but in that situation, whatever it is, you gotta take a hard foul or whatever, we just had to let them know that we're not accepting that s---," Randle said on Sunday after Game 4.

But Capela wasn't having it. "I was like, all right, that says it all," Capela said. "You don't have any more solutions but playing that way. You think you're playing hard doing fouls like that but that's not the game. If you can't play hard the right way, that's not playing hard.

Those flagrant fouls, those are not in-the-game fouls. You're just trying to look physical but it's not working. It's kind of a last solution. "That was a dirty play, retaliation or not. That's not how you play hard. Maybe if you dunk on him it can be, all right, you got him back. But just shoving, we all can shove someone."