Lakers' LeBron James recalls rescuing Trail Blazers' Carmelo Anthony in Bahamas

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Lakers' LeBron James recalls rescuing Trail Blazers' Carmelo Anthony in Bahamas

Ahead of their first round playoff series against the Portland Trail Blazers, Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James recalled the time when he saved the life of Carmelo Anthony. Years ago, NBA stars and close friends -- James, Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul were in the Bahamas -- jumped into the water and Anthony was the only one that didn't return to the boat.

"I just knew that he was not back in the boat with the rest of us, so I went out looking for him," James said Monday on a video conference call," per ESPN. "And through the grace of God and through strength and not being afraid of the water, I was able to help him back to the boat.

It was the only thing that was on my mind at that point and time, was getting my brother back to the boat." 2013 NBA Scoring Champion Anthony originally shared the story in an Instagram Live video with Wade and Wade's wide back in March.

"I look up, the current is taking me in the middle of the ocean," Anthony said. "Like, opposite from the boat." "We couldn't see you!" Wade interjected. "And it was windy," Anthony said.

"All type of s--- was going on in my head, I'm going to be honest with you." "He saved my life," Anthony told Wade on Instagram. "Yo, Bron, I appreciate it. You saved my life that day. Them little flippers wasn't working for me."

James happy his friend Anthony is still alive

"I don't know, it's a blessing, honestly," James said when asked how much danger Anthony was really in before the rescue. "I don't really know what to say, to be honest.

I'm just happy he's still here, obviously." James admits this postseason will be harder than previous ones due to the circumstances in which the season is being restarted. "Probably the toughest one," James said of his postseason prospects.

"It's the toughest championship run for me, personally. From the circumstances of just being in here. "What's different for me in this environment? As far as me locking in on an opponent and individuals, that hasn't changed.

What's different is this is the environment, not home," he said. "Not with my family, not in my own bed, I'm not in our own practice facility. I'm not preparing to be at Staples [Center] tomorrow with our fans.

I'm not with a lot of things that's essential to my everyday regimen. So that's what's different." After several years, James and Anthony are set to once again clash in the playoffs.