Clippers HC Ty Lue: We've got to be more physical against Mavericks

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Clippers HC Ty Lue: We've got to be more physical against Mavericks

Los Angeles Clippers head coach Ty Lue thinks Game 3 against the Dallas Mavericks will show of what his team is made of. The Clippers, seeded at No. 4, lost two home games to the Mavericks as Dallas returned to Texas with a 2-0 lead.

"Most definitely," Lue said, per ESPN. "I think when you're down 2-0 and you're coming into another team's arena, it shows what you're made of. Our toughness all year, just trust, sticking together, this is going to show us tomorrow who we are and what we are made of.

So I'm excited to see [it]." The Clippers entered the playoffs as one of the top favorites to win it all but so far they have failed to live up to the expectations. "Urgency is the right word," Lue said.

"Pressure or panic, I don't believe in that. ... [The Clippers have to] understand the urgency and understand what we are trying to do and basically everybody get on the same page. That's the biggest thing for me. But like I said, we are urgent and we are ready to go.

We cleaned up some things we need to clean up."

Lue says the Clippers have got to be more physical

"Swing," Lue said when asked how the Clippers respond after being punched in the mouth by the Mavericks in Los Angeles.

"You can't hit back if you don't swing. ... We've got to bring physicality to the game. They've definitely been the more physical team, and I don't know why that is because we talk about that. So in order to throw a punch, you've got to swing."

"We have got to be more physical, we've got to swing and we have to come out punching and we can't keep getting behind the eight ball in the first quarter. We have to be better defensively to start the game. We are well aware of that, and now we have to go out and execute it."

After a Game 2 loss, Clippers star guard Paul George claimed there was zero concern in the locker room. "There is none," George said when asked what the team's level of concern is after losing the first two games at home, per ESPN.

"It's a competition. We got to rise to the occasion. The fact of the matter is if we don't, we're done for. There is no level of concern. "We just got to play our game, we got to play through this. We got to incorporate our defense. Luka is going to get his touches. We just got to do a better job defensively of quieting everyone else."