76ers' Tobias Harris on how to beat Celtics: We have most dominant big men in NBA

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76ers' Tobias Harris on how to beat Celtics: We have most dominant big men in NBA

Philadelphia 76ers forward Tobias Harris believes his team has a shot at beating the Boston Celtics and three-time NBA All Star Joel Embiid is their biggest asset in the upcoming playoff series. "We're going to use some of our strengths, which is our size and our ability," Harris said, as quoted on ESPN.

"We have the most dominant big man in the game. So, using him on the block, letting him go to work." Then, Harris smiled. "And that's about all the intel I can give you right now," he said. The 76ers suffered a major blow when starting guard Ben Simmons went down with an injury and their chances of making a deep playoff run decreased after losing the Australian.

In the absence of Simmons, 76ers coach is forced to make some adjustments and inserting rookie Matisse Thybulle -- who has been impressive on defense this year -- is one of the possibilities they are exploring. "We're talking a lot about doing different things," Brown said, when asked directly about the possibility of Thybulle going into the starting lineup.

"It is being considered. "Matisse will have a significant role defensively in this series" "The challenge when you look at all of those gifted wing scorers ... the Ben demise and the Glenn Robinson lack of availability is punishing.

And so what it means is you've got to go down to other obvious players -- you're not just going to have [Josh Richardson] and Matisse play 48 minutes -- and so it bleeds into a lot of other things that are the reason you have a team and the group effort, the understanding of some sort of like knowledge of personnel tendencies, the schematic end of a game plan ...

it's got to be precise. You don't have the luxury and/or wiggle room of a misstep, of a mistake, a lack of a proper read. "And so I see it that simply, it's difficult."

76ers rookie Thybulle ready for the challenge

The Celtics have a talented on both the offense and defense and Thybulle will need to be at his best at both sides of the floor to help his team overcome the Celtics.

"I mean, it's just really no different," Thybulle said. "Every game I've played, essentially, my job has been to guard the best player, maybe with the exception of like Kawhi [Leonard] and LeBron [James].

But, so really for me this is no different. "I think the stakes are a little bit higher, and I think we all feel that, but in terms of how I'm approaching it, it's the same way I've had to approach every game.

Because every game thus far has been me trying to prove myself to the league, and to our coaches and my teammates. And now, so, it's our team trying to prove ourselves as just being the best."