Celtics' Tristan Thompson: We are not intimidated by Nets' star trio

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Celtics' Tristan Thompson: We are not intimidated by Nets' star trio

Boston Celtics center Tristan Thompson has said that he and his teammates remain optimistic that they could beat the Brooklyn Nets. The Celtics, seeded at No. 7, suffered a 104-93 loss to the Nets in Game 1 on Saturday. The Celtics had a six-point lead at halftime but failed to sustain the same level of play in the second half.

"I mean, listen, if you have a team with Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving, you better step on the court feeling good about yourself," Thompson said after Boston practiced on Monday, per ESPN. "But we don't give a s--- about that.

At the end of the day, they put their socks on and their shoes on just like us. So, we're not intimidated or anything like that." Celtics head coach Brad Stevens was happy with the defense but acknowledged that his players have got to do more on the offensive end.

"I think that, obviously, I thought we played good defense," Stevens said. "But I think we have to score more than 110 to beat these guys on a normal night. That's where, again, we have to be way better offensively, and we have to bring that same energy level and competitiveness to be alert to different things that they do, different spacing they do, different screening angles they do, and they're really good at that."

Thompson urges teammates to keep moving the ball

The Celtics enter Game 2 against the Nets as big underdogs but Thompson remains confident they could escape with a win. "When teams are switching, sometimes you like to exploit those matchups, but you can do that at any point in the game," Thompson said.

"Especially early in the game, you want to, when teams are switching, there's someone out there you can take advantage of, but instead of just isolating them and having the defense set at the boxes and elbows, try to get them in second actions where they're going to have multiple efforts.

I think that's the best way to try to attack the switch. Of course there's going to be times in the game where Kemba [Walker] or [Jayson Tatum] or Evan [Fournie] have a matchup that they like that they want to go isolation, but that can't be our main offense, because we did that in the second half and it didn't work for us.

"In the first half, we got away with it because we made shots. In the second half, those shots weren't dropping, and we can't keep doing the same thing. We have to keep moving the ball, keep sharing the rock, and we can take advantage of those matchups we are looking for."