Andy Sullivan dissatisfied with the award of points

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Andy Sullivan dissatisfied with the award of points

Andy Sullivan returns to the golf course after a long break "It feels like an age since we last pegged it up so any sort of competitive golf is welcome at the moment," Sullivan said, as quoted by BBC He is dissatisfied with the awarding of points in the USA "It's obviously massively frustrating," he said.

"A lot of the goals we set are around world rankings and getting into majors and WGC's (World Golf Championships events). "And you do feel like your opportunities are being taken away with us not playing for a month and a half and they're ahead of us."

"They're getting points while we are just sitting down watching them just take our points basically," said the current world number 145. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't absolutely fuming and I just think it's an absolute joke.

It's completely unfair. It's a world ranking system not a US tour system so I think its ridiculous." He won his first title in 2018 "I was feeling really confident about my game," he said. "Last season I had my highest Race to Dubai finish and went into the world's top 100 for the first time, I thought I could have really pressed on.

"I was looking for that next win. I had Ryder Cup in the back of my mind given how strongly I'd played in 2018, so it is a little bit disappointing that has been taken away from me."

Postponed match

It seems that the match with the USA will be postponed for 2021 "You see some amazing things in Ryder Cups, you see players pulling off the most amazing shots, going on silly birdie runs as Ian Poulter did at Medinah," he said.

"It happens because the players are so ready to play, so want to play well in front of the crowds and if you take that away I think you'd end up having quite a flat Ryder Cup. It just wouldn't be the same."

Sullivan agrees. "The pressures would be there, the adrenalin would be running," he said. "But there is nothing like getting the abuse off the crowd, getting the roars off the crowd, that's what makes that event so special."

The postponed Ryder Cup will suit Sullivan "You'll have players coming out and having another season of playing well, developing and getting into that team," Sullivan said. "I felt sorry for Padraig having to try and pick a team pretty much straight out of lockdown. What does he do in that situation? That would have been incredibly difficult."