76ers' Tobias Harris: Got to be prepared for dogfights in playoffs

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76ers' Tobias Harris: Got to be prepared for dogfights in playoffs

Philadelphia 76ers star Tobias Harris has acknowldged that there are no easy games in the playoffs and that he and his teammates aren't taking the Washington Wizards for granted. The Sixers, seeded at No. 1 in the Eastern Conference, played their Game 1 against the Wizards on Sunday and claimed a 125-118 win.

"Yesterday I was watching NBA games, and I was kind of surprised. I said, 'Man, all these games are really close.' It wasn't like a real big spread in any of them," Harris said, per ESPN. "And I think this whole playoffs, game in and game out, you're gonna see dogfights from all around the league.

"I mean, Washington, you know they've been one of the hottest teams, after the All-Star break in the whole NBA, so for us, we know the power that they have and the guys that can make shots on the team. So that just adds to our focus as a group and knowing how locked in we need to be for this whole series, and that's only going to help us into where we're trying to go."

Wizards' Bradley Beal scored a team-high 33 points, while Russell Westbrook had 16 points and 15 assists. "He's Westbrook," Sixers head coach Doc Rivers said. "Like we know that coming in, and the other guy's name is Bradley Beal and we know that coming in.

So we're going to guard him, make it as tough as possible on him, and yet we know they still may have success."

Joel Embiid gives credit to Tobias Harris

Embiid put up a good performance in Game 1 as he had 30 points and six rebounds.

"You know we've been there," Embiid said. "And we also have a goal, and to get to that goal, we got to get through these guys. So you know, the mindset is just me, it doesn't matter if it's a week or two weeks off, it doesn't matter if we haven't played in a while.

That should not be an excuse." Embiid got into an early foul trouble but Harris stepped up finished the game with 37 points. "Man, it was huge, especially in that time," said Embiid. "When I was on the bench, we needed a scorer, and you know, he showed up the whole game really, but especially in that first half. ... That was huge for us."