Lakers' LeBron James: Mentally I need to be at my best against Chris Paul

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Lakers' LeBron James: Mentally I need to be at my best against Chris Paul

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has underlined that he will have to be at his absolute physically and mentally against Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns. The Lakers, who beat the Golden State Warriors in play-in tournament for No.

7 seed, are set to kick off their series against No. 2 seed Suns on Sunday. "It's going to be comparable to playing against [Rajon] Rondo in a series, playing against Draymond [Green] in a series," James told reporters on a videoconference on Friday.

"You have those out-of-this-world I.Q. type guys and fierce competitors, at the same time. So it's the same thing. "Every time I faced Rondo in the past, I knew I had to be not only on my A-game as far as my game, but also my mind as well.

And that's the same with Draymond, every time you go against those Warriors teams. So I've had experiences with those two guys, so that will definitely help me in matching up with CP because I know the competitor and I know the I.Q.

of the basketball player that he is."

James is close friends with Paul

James and Paul are both 36 but the Lakers star is the one that has four NBA titles. On the other side, Paul is aiming to lift his maiden NBA title.

"I think you know me by now," James said. "I think that's not in my [character] traits. I don't really talk about my accolades, or what I've been able to do. And our friendship is beyond that. So I'm not one of those guys to talk about what I have.

I think that's very shallow. That's beneath me, personally. So I don't get involved in that." For the first time in 30 years, a No. 7 seed is favored to beat a No. 2 seed. "We all hear it," Phoenix coach Monty Williams said on Friday.

"Ultimately you got to get out there and compete for 48 minutes, and that's what we plan to do. Did anybody think we were going to win 51 games this year? In a shortened season? Don't think so. So why would we listen to those people now?" Coach Williams underlined that his team is ready to play the Lakers.

"Our guys aren't bitter," Williams said. "We're looking forward to competing against the Lakers. That's how we look at it. We're not upset or feel like anybody's done something to our Cheerios.

We have to go play the Lakers. Everything you want is on the other side of hard. Right now the Lakers are our hard."