Warriors' Stephen Curry: We've been doubted since start of season

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Warriors' Stephen Curry: We've been doubted since start of season

Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry has acknowledged that he has heard all the chatter and he is hoping that his teammates have done the same. The Warriors are set to take on the favored Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center in a play-in tournament game on Wednesday.

"I hope everybody hears the chatter," Curry said after Tuesday's practice, per ESPN. "Even at this point how we match up with LA or potentially with Phoenix or Utah if we get through this Play-in tournament and all that.

Nobody thought we were even going to be in this position. A lot of people had us way, way, way down the standings coming in after Klay [Thompson] got hurt, so there's a lot of things that we already flipped on its head to this point, so we might as well keep going."

The Warriors made five consecutive NBA Finals between 2015 and 2019. "It's a totally different kind of season, and so you celebrate the smaller victories in a season like this," Kerr said. "And I think that's really healthy.

When you go five straight years of 'win the championship or bust,' it's incredibly stressful. It's exciting and you wouldn't want it any other way, but it adds up. And so I think this year has been refreshing in a lot of ways.

It's been a really meaningful season for our franchise in a lot of ways and that's important."

Curry and his teammates playing above expectation

"Draymond, to me, is playing as well as he's ever played," Kerr said.

"So is Steph. Andrew Wiggins has found a great role with this team and has played at a high level ... this is all great stuff. It's so healthy for our organization. And within that you celebrate these victories, you celebrate the successes, because you're not in a position where if you lose everybody says 'Your season was a failure.'

It brings a different perspective, and I think our players are enjoying the season quite a bit." Recently, Lakers superstar LeBron James said that Curry should be named the MVP for this season. "Obviously, I'm appreciative," Curry said.

"He knows when he says something people pay attention so for him to speak on my MVP candidacy is definitely, I respect him for it, I appreciate it, we all know as competitors though, when the lights are on, I can talk about how great he is till I'm blue in the face and he can do the same, it doesn't change how we approach that competition when we're out there. And I won't be giving him a pass because he likes the way I played this year and vice versa."