Lakers' Anthony Davis: Got to do our best to contain Stephen Curry

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Lakers' Anthony Davis: Got to do our best to contain Stephen Curry

Los Angeles Lakers star big man Anthony Davis has acknowledged that Stephen Curry will be the biggest threat when his team faces the Golden State Warriors in play-in tournament. "We know who the head of the snake is, it's Steph," Davis said, per ESPN.

"We got to do our best to contain him. It's gonna be a team effort, not just all the pressure on the guards. ... We got to make sure we keep an eye on him and stay locked in on him at all times." Lakers guard Dennis Schroder will certainly be one of the players that will the task of stopping Curry.

"He's the best shooter who has ever played this game," Schroder said on a videoconference with reporters. "So, any shot, whatever comes from half court on, it's a good shot for him. At the end of the day, you got to make it as hard as possible and be into him and limit his 3s."

The Warriors ready for the defense on Curry

The Warriors anticipate that the Lakers will throw multiple defenders on Curry in order to make it as tough as possible for the two-tme NBA MVP. "We anticipate they're going to throw the kitchen sink at Steph.

Multiple defenders, different matchups, some blitzes, some kind of shadowing, that type of stuff," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said on Tuesday. "We've kind of seen everything, Steph has seen everything. Draymond [Green] is probably the key in terms of when they do throw stuff at Steph, Draymond has an answer with all of his screening and dribble handoffs and that sort of thing, so they're fun to watch together."

Davis added more praise on Curry, saying: "He kept these guys alive all season, winning games that people thought they should lose. He was playing his ass off to put this team in a great position to be in the playoffs."

Davis underlined that the Lakers absolutely want to beat the Warriors and clinch the No. 7 seed. "We haven't actually even brought that up because it was last year," Davis said. "We know obviously with the one-game thing right now, so we can't afford to lose this game.

... We definitely want to get in that 7-seed, and I think the next game we'll play is Sunday. ... It would be very beneficial for us to win this game tomorrow and have those three days in between games to kind of tighten up the screws."