Clippers' Paul George, Kawhi Leonard worked on chemistry during NBA season hiatus

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Clippers' Paul George, Kawhi Leonard worked on chemistry during NBA season hiatus

Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George revealed he and teammate Kawhi Leonard visited each other during the NBA season hiatus to continue to develop their relationship and chemistry together. Leonard, who was named the 2019 NBA Finals MVP after helping the Toronto Raptors win it all, signed with Clippers last offseason, while George forced his way out of the Oklahoma City Thunder to play with Leonard.

The Clippers have one of the most talented rosters in the NBA but in only 11 games this season coach Doc Rivers had all guys available. "I went down to where he was at [near San Diego], he came to where I was at [near Los Angeles]," George said on Saturday when asked about the duo's improving chemistry, per ESPN.

"We spent time together -- the whole group did, not just me and him -- on occasions. The whole group kind of spent time together through the hiatus. "I think we made up a lot of time. While not being together, I think we made all that back up during this hiatus.

It kind of expedited this process being here. "We spent a lot of time out of the bubble. I visited him, he visited me. We spent time in the bubble. For us, it's just more and more being together, learning each other, figuring each other out.

The more we're together, the more and the better the chemistry gets. "For us, guys like the ball in different places, they like to play a certain way. It's just getting an understanding of where he likes the ball in his space and surrounding him.

Vice-versa. That's all it really comes down to."

George underlines winning the NBA title is the goal

Despite all the health issues that have surrounded the team all season long, the Clippers managed to finish the second with a 49-23 record and clinch the second place of the Western Conference.

They will be starting their playoff campaign against the seventh-seeded Dallas Mavericks, who are led by Luka Doncic. "I mean, we want to win the championship," George said. "That's the reason we committed to be here.

It's as simple as that. We should have one goal and we have one goal, and that's to win it. "But I think also we looking at this thing from a long-term perspective, as well, that if it doesn't happen, this is only going to build us even further going down the stretch, going into next season. But first things first. We are here to compete for that championship, and nothing else matters but to win it."