Michael Jordan jersey sold for $ 1.38 million!

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Michael Jordan jersey sold for $ 1.38 million!

The only jersey known to be worn by Michael Jordan while he was playing at the University of North Carolina, was sold at auction for as much as 1,380,000 dollars! It is clear how big Jordan's name is, but the fact that his college jersey is worth almost a million and a half dollars really shows the size of the Air Jordan Jordan wore the mentioned jersey in the 1982/1983 season when he won the NCAA Player of the Year award, and the same jersey was on the cover of the magazine after winning the award.

At the same time, this sale broke the record of previous sales of Jordan's jerseys. In October, one jersey from the 1986/1987 season sold for as much as $ 480,000. But that amount seems small compared to the current new record.

That is why the price broke the clouds, explains the director of sports auctions Heritage, Chris Ivy "The final price proves that this jersey has everything that any serious collector could wish for," said Ivy.

The price of the mentioned jersey is raised by the fact that it is unique, that there are photographs that show that it is original. By the way, this is Jordan's jersey from his "sophomore" season. This same jersey was previously sold at auction, and the price back in 1999 was $ 63,500.

Now it's sold for more than a million dollars.

Ivy on Jordan's jersey

"Jordan's jersey is one of the favorite things I've had the opportunity to see at auctions," Ivy said. As Ivy explained, confirmation of uniqueness and authenticity is key in such cases.

And with the advancement of digital technology, quite a whole area relies on matching in relation to the available photographs. All of this is so reliable, that collectors are ready to give $ 1,380,000 for the jersey from the eighties after the confirmations.

As they like to say, that's how part of history is bought. The jerseys worn at matches by the big players continue to grow in the eyes of collectors, so do the prices. In recent years, Kobe Bryant's jersey from the NBA finals, worth 338,000 dollars, was bought, and one of LeBron James from the All-Star match was worth more than 630,000 dollars.

Such sales speak in favor of how popular NBA stars are and how important they are in the world of sports. Who knows, maybe this Jordan jersey will be sold after a few years and the current collector might actually make a small fortune