Nets beat Nuggets, end four-match losing streak

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Nets beat Nuggets, end four-match losing streak

The Brooklyn Nets delivered a good performance on Saturday night against the Denver Nuggets and ended their longest losing streak of the season. The Nets, who entered the Nuggets game on a four-match losing streak, recovered from a big deficit to beat Denver 125-119.

Nets superstar forward Kevin Durant had a game high of 33 points and also grabbed 11 rebounds and dished out 11 assists. Kyrie Irving joined Durant as he also had a big performance as he dropped 31 points against the Nuggets.

"We were embarrassed the last few games," Kyrie Irving said after the game, as quoted on ESPN. "When I say embarrassing, I mean just not playing up to our capabilities and teams are just coming out and doing whatever they want and feel good.

Guys that are on the opposing team, supporting guys on the team are having huge nights sometimes -- that's when it gets embarrassing is when you're not doing the little things for one another. Moving forward, we just learn from it."

The Nets need experience

The Nets' superstar trio of Durant, Irving and James Harden is playing its first season together. The Nets have only a few more games before the playoffs and the need tough moments to be better prepared for the postseason.

"I'm happy for us to be uncomfortable right now," Nash said. "I'm happy for us to struggle and suffer. I'm glad we won, but suffering and building that resolve and that understanding and that we don't have that common experience, so these experiences when we're on the mat are good for us, and I think our guys responded tonight.

But I'm also OK with us suffering and being uncomfortable." The Nets were down 71-56 at halftime to the Nuggets but then dominated the second half to win the game. "That second half was who we are and hopefully we build on it," Kevin Durant said afterward.

The Nets now own a 44-24 record and they sit at No. 2 on the Eastern Conference standings. "I wouldn't make any grand delineations," Nash said. "If we really wanted to respond to those four games, we maybe would have had a better start.

I thought while we were frustrated as a group in the first half, we found that toughness and resolve in the second half and got it done, and we'll just move on. There's no guarantees you're gonna win the next game."