Kyrie Irving remains positive after fourth consecutive loss for Nets

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Kyrie Irving remains positive after fourth consecutive loss for Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have now lost a season-high four games in a row but superstar guard Kyrie Irving tried to draw positives from those defeats. The Nets played the Dallas Mavericks on the road on Thursday night and lost 113-110 despite a huge performance by Irving.

Irving dropped his season-high of.45 points but even that wasn't enough for the Nets to beat the Mavericks. Previously, the Nets lost to the Portland Trail Blazers at home and lost back-to-back road games against the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Nets are still the second on the Eastern Conference standings but there is a real chance of falling behind the Philadelphia 76ers on the third position. "I think it's good we have those tests now," Kyrie Irving said.

"Those challenges, you know. It's been too easy at times. So, it's good." "I feel like if I would have made them," Durant said, "I would've settled the team down. ... I'm glad it's happening now for us instead of in a couple weeks, and hopefully we build off of this and keep growing, and I hope we feel this pain, I guess, from losing, feeling like we're not where we want to be."

"You know, we're not a perfect basketball club," Irving said. "I don't think we'd be doing ourselves a great service if we weren't honest. You know, we haven't played well in terms of spurts throughout the game, especially when it matters."

The Nets could benefit from these defeats in the playoffs

The Nets' superstars group -- consisting of Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden -- is having its first season together. Nets head coach Steve Nash suggested that the team could benefit in the playoffs from these losses.

"We have no common experiences together in that setting," Nash said. "And so these are a little bit of a dress rehearsal, when you're playing playoff teams, teams that need wins that are really coming out to try to win these games and play at a high level.

So it was good for us." Former NBA MVP Durant underlined that he is not interested in losing. "Losing sucks," Durant said. "I mean, no matter what time of year it's in, no matter who it's against.

I mean, I've been feeling the same way about losing since I was 8 years old, since I started playing. So, it's always been about get up the next day and go back to work."