Spurs' historic 22-season playoff streak comes to end

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Spurs' historic 22-season playoff streak comes to end

The San Antonio Spurs' run of 22 consecutive playoff appearances has come to an end but the organization won't dwell on the end of their magnificent series as they are excited about their future. The Spurs arrived to the bubble with a slim chance of making the playoffs but their young group put on a lot of effort to win games and they stayed alive in the playoff until the final day.

After the Memphis Grizzlies and Phoenix Suns won their respective games on Thursday, the Spurs were left without any chances of making the postseason. Hours later after the victories of the Grizzlies and Suns, the Spurs were beaten by the Utah Jazz 118-112 after not having nothing to play for.

The Spurs captured five NBA titles in those 22 consecutive playoff appearances and coach Gregg Popovich doesn't "It means a lot to a lot of people probably, but I don't dwell on the past," Popovich said, per ESPN.

"That stuff's totally [not] important; what's important is the moment you do what you've got to do then you move on, but looking at the past doesn't do much good. Any success we've had has been because we've had some great players."

The Spurs have a promising young core

The Spurs won five and lost three games in the bubble most importantly their effort never lacked. "I'm more excited about this than anything you guys are talking about right now, successes or non-successes, because the success for streaks or whatever the hell you're talking about ended," Popovich said.

"I could care less about that. I'm thrilled at the way they played here. "They had no shot to get into this thing and basically willed themselves into it to have this opportunity. The development of the young kids largely playing the way they did, this is the best we've played all year.

I've really enjoyed it." Guard DeMar DeRozan, who was the leading scorer on the Spurs roster this season, admitted he was frustrated after missing out on the playoffs. "I can live with the fact if we went out there and it had to come down to us winning or losing and we lost," DeRozan said.

"I kind of could accept that a little bit more than watching other teams playing and their starters not really playing and giving the other team a chance to kind of win, so that was extremely frustrating."