Nets' Kevin Durant: Continuity is a big thing in NBA

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Nets' Kevin Durant: Continuity is a big thing in NBA

The Brooklyn Nets lost back-to-back games to the Milwaukee Bucks and their lack of continuity again showed. The Nets suffered a 117-114 loss on Sunday, before losing 124-118 on Tuesday again to the Bucks. "That is a huge factor," Nets superstar Kevin Durant said afterward, per ESPN.

"Continuity is a big thing in this league." The Nets and Bucks could easily meet in the playoffs since they are considered as the two best teams in the Eastern Conference. "We've got a gap to make up here," Nets coach Steve Nash said.

"We understand that's a team that's been running the same offense, been playing together, same schemes on defense for years now. Gone deep into the playoffs, and that's something we don't have, so how can we make up that gap? That's kind of our life in a nutshell heading home here."

Durant hopes the experience will help the Nets

"We got veterans on this team that played in different situations that know pretty much every terminology that goes on in this league and every kind of set that we run on both sides," Durant said.

"That's in our advantage as well, having that veteran leadership, but we still are a connected group." The Nets now own a 43-23 record and they are ranked second on the Eastern Conference standings. "That is our challenge as much as anything," Nash said.

"While we do that, can we be more physical? Can we be more connected? Can we handle and control some of the controllables that can help us hang in some of these games and win some of these games while we're trying to put the pieces together?" Elsewhere, the game between the New Orleans Pelicans and Golden State Warriors was briefly delayed after the light went out in the third quarter.

"I hadn't seen that one before," Warriors star guard Stephen Curry said of the lights delay. "They tried to get me saying I shot it before the lights went out, but it's a weird situation because we were flowing a little bit and I guess kinda after that it was kind of a rough offensive situation but -- a tough game all the way around."

The Pelicans ended up winning 108-103. "It's hard to say," Curry said, when asked how much the impact the lights delay had. "But it wasn't as long as that one that happened in the Super Bowl that one year [Super Bowl XLVII in 2013], but it was kind of weird just in general, but it is what it is."