Wizards' Russell Westbrook: I feel like I'm best playmaker in NBA

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Wizards' Russell Westbrook: I feel like I'm best playmaker in NBA

Washington Wizards star guard Russell Westbrook had a monstrous performance against the Indiana Pacers on Monday night as he became the only player in the NBA with multiple 20-rebound and 20-assist games in NBA history. Westbrook scored 14 points, grabbed 21 rebounds and dished out 24 assists as the Wizards beat the Pacers 154-141 to keep their hopes of making the playoffs alive.

Wizards head Coach Scott Brooks was absolutely impressed by the latest performance from his point guard. "Point guards don't do what he does. He's not normal; they're not built that way," Wizards coach Scott Brooks said.

"There may be someone that probably shoots better. There might be someone that probably can do certain things better. But there's nobody in the history of the game that can do what he does throughout the stat sheet. "I used to always say he's going to probably go down as the third-best point guard ever, but I think he's passed one.

He's going to go down as probably the second best, and [No. 1] is obviously Magic [Johnson]. He's underappreciated. What he does, there are no point guards ever done it, nobody."

Westbrook feels he is the best playmaker in the NBA

"Me, personally, I feel like I'm the best playmaker in this league,'' said Westbrook, who leads the NBA with 11 assists per game.

The Wizards are in a playoff hunt and Westbrook came out determined to lead his team to a win. "Each night, I try to figure out ways to be able to impact and pick up my team ... it was one of those nights where certain things are rolling," Westbrook said.

"As a point guard ... you got to be able to make somebody around you better. And I feel like I take a lot of pride in the effort, the energy and time, and watching film, and to be able to make others around me better. That's that."

Westbrook is averaging a triple-double on the season. "He's an MVP winner every night on the floor and off the floor, but if he was selfish, he could shoot at a 20-20-20 game, but he was very comfortable only shooting three shots at halftime," Brooks said.

"Not a lot of star players in this league are comfortable only taking three shots at halftime." Pacers forward Domantas Sabonis played with Westbrook a few years ago. "There's a lot of pressure on him to perform, and he comes out and does it," Sabonis said.