Pelicans beat Timberwolwes, keep alive hopes for play-in tournament

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Pelicans beat Timberwolwes, keep alive hopes for play-in tournament

The New Orleans Pelicans trailed by 10 with under four minutes left to play against the Minnesota Timberwolwes but they refused to quit and ended up winning 140-136 in overtime to keep their play-in tournament hopes alive.

Zion Williamson led the Pelicans as he scored 37 points and also grabbed nine rebounds and dished out eight assists. "I think it gives us great momentum," said Williamson, per ESPN. "We got the win. In the locker room, that's all we care about.

We got the win and it allows us to go back home with great momentum and hopefully we can carry it." Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball also delivered a big performance as knocked down eight threes and scored 33 points. "A lot of guys on this team that just got that fight in them, that dog in them," Ball said.

"It came out tonight, and we ended up going into overtime with a good stop by Z. And then he carried us in OT and we came out with the win." The Pelicans lost to the Denver Nuggers in overtime a few days earlier "We didn't get the result we wanted in the Denver game, but we kept fighting 'til the very end," Williamson said.

"That's the mindset we have to have going into these final [eight] games. Have to take it one game at a time and play until the final buzzer."

The Pelicans are three games back of the play-in tournament.

"Our fate is not in nobody else's hands.

It's on us to go out there and win," Williamson said. "You can't ask for nothing better than that for the situation we're currently in. The fate is in our hands, and we just gotta make it happen." The Pelicans play the Golden State Warriors on Monday.

"That's how you have to approach it because we can't afford very many losses," Van Gundy said. "Obviously we're fighting with Golden State, so everybody will focus on that. But you give away a game tonight, it just gets further and further out of reach."

"[We're] going into Monday with a must-win mentality," Ball added. "We're not really focused on Tuesday. We gotta take it one game at a time. We can't look ahead. We have to put all our focus on that first game Monday and come out with a win and go from there.

"It helps a lot that our destiny is in our hands. We don't have to worry about anybody else. It's all on us. We have three games against them. It won't be easy at all. We know it's a tough task. But it's possible. And that's all we can ask for is a chance. So we'll come in Monday ready to go."